Saturday, 25 December 2010

There never was such a goose...

Geese DO like pickled pears. Just thought I'd tell you that. They also like apple, onion, sage and parsley stuffing. Honest.

Well, here I am slightly sozzled, watching 'How To Train YourDragon' with half an eye and quarter of a brain. That should be sufficient.

It's been a rather lovely day. The only sad bit has been Quink. We all went for a walk, as usual at Christmas, on Ashdown Forest - home of Winnie The Pooh. Quink strode out manfully (dogfully?) but then his legs gave out and he had to be carried home. He's quite heavy even though all skin and bones. That has made me realise that enough is enough for the poor chap.

Bless his valiant heart.

His tail still wags.

I shall make all his time until Wednesday the very best ever,