Saturday, 11 December 2010

Sauvignon blanc, oh mist rolling in from the sea....

I have no idea if this will be my best blog ever or my worst, just having rolled in from a drinks party with our neighbours.

And very pleasant it was too. Lovely people Sarah and Richard.

Serendipity and black dogs. I had to go to Portslade yesterday and there was a crash on the A27 so I was badly held up in a traffic jam and feeling very flustered and fraught. I called in at an office supplies shop for some bits and pieces and there, in a 'reduced to 99p' bin was a little black dog. Not a REAL black dog, you understand, but a soft toy.

I had to buy him. He's called Black Dog. He will live on my desk when he's behaving, but otherwise he'll be soundly beaten and stuffed in a drawer.

Are you listening, Black Dog? I'm speaking to YOU.

Siesta time. Anyone?