Saturday, 4 December 2010

Drip, drip, drop ...

When the sky is cloudy Your pretty music Can brighten the day 
Drip, drip, drop When the sun says howdy You say goodbye right away...

Okay so I know it's not April, but it's certainly drippy...

Even I balked at the idea of carrying hay bales two miles across the fields! It wasn't too bad  in the car though we were sliding a bit diagonal at times. Now it is officially UNPLEASANT - raining, slushy, cold and windy. Not at all Christmas card pretty.

The horses were certainly pleased to see some green bits.

Today...oh the excitement. I'm going to put up the outside fairy lights. (This is fairy lights for the outside, not lights for outside fairies, although I expect most of them DO live outside)

I AM going to wrestle with the Paypal thing for my website - I have website, I have Paybal business account. How do I get them to talk to each other?

When it's all done it will be a triumph! A triumph over incomprehension and cyber-stupidity.