Thursday, 23 December 2010

It is every little girl's dream to be, the fairy on a Christmas tree...

A wand in her hand
A smile on her face.
And a tree in a most peculiar place.

You can always rely on Spike Milligan to set the right tone!

Actually, that was never my dream, even when I WAS a little girl.

 The fairy on top of our Christmas tree was made by me when Tim was a baby. We lived in France and were penniless. I used an old hankie (clean!) with lace trimming. Fairy is very floppy now and needs the top spike of the tree shoved firmly and rather inappropriately up her dress for a spine - even then she keels over drunkenly. But of all the Christmas decorations stored in boxes and dragged out year after year, she is the BEST. Imbued with so many memories.

In my more rebellious days I used to think Christmas was so FALSE. So many people being civil to each other when they didn't really mean it. I was so busy judging others for perceived hypocrisy that I didn't have any space in my heart to squeeze in any Christmas spirit, But now, I LOVE Christmas.

"He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree." (Roy L. Smith)

Well, if you can't be cheesy at Christmas, then when can you be?