Friday, 17 December 2010

Caroline, voice-over artist of renown (as from today)

I've just had a strange and exciting request by e-mail from a film-maker friend in Australia. He needs a British voice for a video he's making and has asked ME - the ubiquitous token female Brit chick.

The role will be demanding. It will take a while to learn the lines - well, line, if I'm honest. This is what I have to say: "Hey sweetie, what's wrong?" Three different interpretations. I'm a great disciple of Stanislavski so will be throwing myself whole-heartedly into the role of 'concerned mother of crying baby.' Perhaps one of the dogs could be the baby?

I WAS going to write about the things that distract me from getting on with my writing - but I suppose I just did.

I have an article to complete about speech and language therapy then NO excuses for not getting on with a re-write of 'Of Night and Light' - except for rearranging my desk, sharpening pencils, ironing the dish cloths, hoovering the front lawn, polishing the carpet etc.

So I should have the next draft finished by, say, March 2013.