Wednesday, 15 December 2010

I have exceeded my allocation for I.T. support

...The penalty is forcible relocation to an agrarian society.

Cow: "Seriously, even a cow knows you should try rebooting before you call tech support."

That's a Dilbert cartoon I have pinned to my noticeboard. This blog, so far, has been easy-peasy to do. The website and the eShop, on the other hand, have taken all my powers of cyber-understanding, which are sadly limited. Well, I suppose they're less limited NOW. Though I must say, just because I've achieved something ONCE, it doesn't necessarily mean I can remember how I did it.

Yesterday, I spent quite a while on the phone to India - I think it was India - trying to explain my website problems to a very courteous and pleasant fellow.

The trouble was - the troubles were - the line was faint; I found the guy's accent impenetrable; even when I grasped what he was saying I couldn't understand the technical language; he asked me to hold and was gone for what seemed like an eternity;he came back and STILL didn't know what to do to correct the error. He said he would refresh everything from their end and that should work. It didn't. Apart from that, everything was fine!

I think I'll ask a cow next time.