Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Modern technology owes ecology an apology.

Me and cars...we have a relationship that is at best detached, I think you could say. That is, until today. My car - a beat-up, 11 year old, 146,000 miles on the clock, Vauxhall Omega Estate, grey, can carry 3 hay bales and 3 large dogs at the same time even if it WAS a bit of a squash and despite the fact that she's rear-wheel drive, hasn't let me down in ice, snow, earthquakes, floods, droughts, locust swarms or alien invasions.. I fill her up with petrol (frequently) and oil and water (when I remember) and she gets me from A to B without too much fuss.

Recently, we (me and Peter) have had Disloyal Thoughts. Perhaps we SHOULD get a 4 Wheel Drive so that I don't do My Thing in adverse weather conditions - that is to say, venture out no matter what, "foolhardy to the point of insanity," as Peter so tolerantly describes it.

So, we have been looking, mainly at Landrover Freelanders. (I flatly REFUSE to have one of those enormous 4WDs only used in towns by mums on school runs)

Yes, we could trade-in the Omega, couldn't we? But do you know how much we were offered for this wonderful, reliable, old workhorse with long tax and MOT? TWO HUNDRED POUNDS! TWO HUNDRED MEASLY QUID!

That is an INSULT!

You can KEEP your shiny, automatic, leather-upholstered, dent-free,metallic-painted, electric-windowed, sport-gear optioned (whatever that is) BMW engined MACINE for only £7999.

I'm sticking with my faithful Omega.