Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I'll be laughing on the other side of my face...

...if my gung-ho attitude towards driving in the snow causes me to slide off the road into a ditch!

I think it's GOOD FUN! 

Yesterday, it had snowed but it was so mild it was like slush. The roads were cleared. It was only like a rainy day. So WHY do some people feel the need to drive at 15 m.p.h? Fine when it's frozen, but...REALLY!

Today was a little hairy - especially with my rear-wheel drive car - but I got to the yard and back and now the horses are stocked up with hay so I don't need to go back later. Unless I feel like some more fun!

I'm VERY glad I postponed my trip up north, though. Glad and sad, because it means I'll miss the premiere of the film 'Damage' -  a drama about domestic violence for which I wrote the screenplay. Break a leg doesn't seem a very appropriate thing to say in the circumstances...

More larks with HTML ensue. I will prevail!