Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Bye-bye, faithful friend.

Yesterday, Quink's condition got worse so we took the decision to wait no longer and had him put to sleep. It was very sad but also peaceful because it was still a holiday so the vet opened the surgery specially for us.

Lovely, lovely boy, uncomplaining to the end. There's a massive emptiness in the house. He is very much loved and missed. There's also a sense of relief because it was becoming hard for Quink to get about.

I don't think Moose has noticed anything because he wouldn't do, would he? (Not the brightest fellow in the doggy universe - and also over 100 years old in dog years, so he's allowed to be a bit on the vacant side) But I'm SURE Roly is unsettled. He's doing a lot of wandering around the house sniffing and won't settle.

That's all I can say today.