Friday, 3 December 2010

A jogging blog!

For some strange reason the snow is still here. Perhaps the -4 degrees temperature might explain it?

My car is still buried so I jogged - yes, JOGGED - to High Hurstwood across the fields and it only took 40 minutes instead of the hour it took to walk yesterday.

The horses are still enjoying themselves. I think they'd play snowballs if they had opposable hooves.

Peter met me at the pub in the Volvo and we went to Tesco and laughed at the people with 30 loaves of sliced white bread and 10 gallons of milk in their trolleys. I mean...COME ON!

It reminds me of last year in the snow when I called on our very elderly neighbour  to see if she wanted any shopping brought in. I was thinking bread, milk, a few twigs to make a fire etc. However, she said " I'm dreadfully low on mangoes." You couldn't make it up, could you?

I never did say the I got to the finals of the Kid In The Front Row screenplay contest, which delighted me. The top five scripts go to Joe Leonard, editor of Glee which would impress me more if I'd ever watched Glee.

And Balloon Days has a website...

And today I MAY be able to launch Quirkyshop...