Tuesday, 30 November 2010

I'm like a child in the snow!

Perhaps not all children. Not the wimpy, wussy kids who whinge about the cold and want to stay indoors toasting their tiny fingers on a hot Play Station - no, the REAL children who like to be out in all weathers and get excited when they pull back the curtains and see that it's all white out there!

Had a great time up at the yard, because horses are like children too in the snow. Gambolling and bucking and spinning round and sticking their noses in it . Roly, yellow labrador, loved it too, racing about like a puppy and rolling just for the sheer delight of it.

Now - to move offices so I have an official Quirkyworks HQ that's not my bedroom!

Still struggling with HTML code, but I'll get there. Come hell or high water...or snow.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Happy Monday

No, actually, quite a frustrating Monday, if you must know.

Mountains and lakes on the kitchen floor (this is code for dog poo and wee) and also splatters of blood from a cut on Quink's paw...

An hour queueing on BT in a desperate attempt to speak to a real live person on behalf of an elderly neighbour whose phone has been cut off. (She hadn't paid a bill since July!)...

Unable to upload story samples to the eShop, needing HTML code and it's a bit beyond me, though I don't do so badly for someone of my age and gender! I think it's a prerequisite to be male, under 40, and a geek.

Wake up, Tim! Mummy needs you :)

I'll update if there's any progress

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Blogging? Moi?

Why blog? Why ever not?

Exciting times...

This coming week will see the launch of Quirkyshop where I shall sell Quirky Tales and Sleepytime Tales...

And, the premiere of a film called Damage for which I wrote the screenplay...

So this blog is by way of marking momentous times. Scary but momentous.