Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Right, this weather is getting boring now.

Snow? Fine and lovely. THIS? Horrible and miserable-making.

Quink - the black labrador - is now wearing one of my long-sleeved thermal vests. As Tess said - 'You and Quink must have the same bust size!' (only trouble is, I forgot that he needs to pee and it was a bit long!) The poor boy has hardly any flesh on him with his illness so I was afraid the cold would hit him more than the other two.

Exciting day ahead. Yesterday I contacted lots of friends and family about Quirkyshop and one of the responses was from dear Jules, who narrated 'The Mysterious Disappearing Flower' so brilliantly. She invited me to be interviewed for her website - an audio interview. That will spread the word to a whole new lot of people.

So now - in a very disciplined way (yeah right) - I'm going to write an article about vocational training in the mental health sector BEFORE I go out to see Jules. It's called deferred gratification. I think.