Monday, 6 December 2010

So there, brain! Think you can get the better of me, do you? Uh? UH?

A triumphant day yesterday, after a weak and feebly start.

The eShop seemed like an enormous mountain to climb - one of those mountains where you keep thinking you've got to the top but then there's another higher bit to climb. And another. BUT - I really think I'm there now. Just waiting to hear from Tracey to see if she thinks the amendments are good enough then I'll start sending links to the world and his wife, his auntie, hairdresser and the lady down the street with the strange staring eyes. And her pet gerbil.

After that - marketing PROPERLY.

It's mighty cold here. Just plain old wintry. Not attractive in the slightest.

I'm going to have to fish out my fingerless gloves so I can be like a REAL writer, freezing in a draughty garret.

And I'm also going to have to write some (corporate) articles this week. Too much time fannying about with the eShop last week.

But it's DONE!