Saturday, 8 January 2011

What fools indeed we mortals are To lavish care upon a car...

With ne'er a bit of time to see
About our own machinery!

Courtesy of John Kendrick Bangs (1862-1922) if anyone's interested.

Yes, siree!

Olive Oyl has arrived. We went to Haywards Heath to collect her and here was the conversation on the way over.

Peter: Are you going to drive her home?

Me: Yes, I thought so. She is, after all, my car.

(A few minutes silence)

Peter: It's just I was might be a little nervous. You know...driving an unfamiliar vehicle.

Me: Nope.

(A few minutes silence)

Peter: The thing is, I'm thinking maybe I should drive her home.

Me: Are you? I'm sure I'll be quite okay.

Peter: Well, I'd be able to check if there were any faults if I drove her.

Me: Would you LIKE to drive my new car home then?

Peter: I think it would be a good idea, don't you?


I'm not complaining that much really, because he IS now giving it a thorough clean inside to get rid of sticky children remains and nauseating air freshener smell so I can replace it with wet dogs and Eau De Haybale.

My maiden voyage will be tonight when we go to the cinema to see "The King's Speech."

Can't wait! (to see the film, that is!)

Now, I wonder if Peter should drive? It's going to be dark, isn't it? And the lights might not work unless he tries them first...