Monday, 3 January 2011

Deliberando saepe perit occasio

That's Latin for 'Occasionally my peritoneum deliberately seeps.'

No it's not.

It's Latin for 'The opportunity often slips away while we deliberate on it,' actually. Opportunities often slip away for me when I spend my time thinking up silly translations for Latin phrases.

Today is the last day of the holidays. I want to hit the ground running tomorrow so I'm starting today!

I have an article to complete about speech and language therapy in the fields of mental health and learning disability. I'm lucky. My work is always so interesting. Or rather, I always find my work very interesting. You have to wonder whether that says more about my work or about my insatiable curiosity to Find Out More. Whichever the case, I'm lucky.

I forgot to mention completing my tax return, so I won't.

Then...the world is my oyster.

What a useless sort of aphorism that is, to be sure. The world is my bivalve mollusc which lives in marine or brackish habitats.

Hardly. It's SO much better than that.