Sunday, 16 January 2011

It gets late early sometimes

I'm on the road. Well, that's not strictly true - roads aren't that comfortable. And not exactly safe.  If you must know, I'm sitting up in bed in a brand new Holiday Inn in Stoke-on-Trent. Some people know how to live, you see! And I'm one of them.

I had a lovely time earlier with my nephew and niece and niecelet, Jez, Tracey and Zena.

Tracey is very clever with my brain. She captures all the random thoughts that whirl around in there and then arranges them into some sort of order. She has to use string and sealing wax to keep them in the right place but it seems to work.So now, with her help, marketing my stories will be BETTER.

And Jez is very clever in the kitchen. For a techie geek boy who supports Spurs, he's a very good cook. Indeed. And it's fun watching football with someone who's just like me. That's to say, cares so much about his team that it's absolute agony to endure any match unless they're leading by at least three goals with two minutes to go and the opposition is down to nine men.

And Zena, aged 7 months, is very clever at hitting things with other things and smiling adorably and then making our ears bleed with piercing shrieks. She's an absolute poppet.

What a lovely family!

Busy day tomorrow. I shall tell you all about it. But not yet, because I can't predict the future.