Monday, 24 January 2011

Victory is sweetest when you've known defeat.

The mouse score so far TODAY is...TANTARA...Caroline 1 - Mouse 0

The larder mouse is now safely (I hope) in her new home Somewhere Along Perryman's Lane, High Hurstwood (the village where the yard is located)  This morning, the trap was shut. I picked it up carefully. The sides of the tube felt warm. I transported it in Olive Oyl and opened it near to a field shelter. At first, nothing. Thought I'd been HAD. But then, the most ADORABLE little mouse popped out. And then she was gone.

The trap is now under the vegetable rack, stuffed with cashews and peanut butter. Those onions are looking quite chilly without their skins...

Today...revitalising my website at - that's once I've written a riveting article about the use of pizzas in psychiatric rehabilitation. See! TOLD you it was riveting. You'll just have to read the article, won't you?

Apart from the mouse success I was all fingers and thumbs up at the yard, which doesn't bode well.
  • Went into Katcha's box, Katcha still in it, to tie up her haynet. The door slammed and the kickplate dropped down so I had to climb OVER the door. The door is quite high. Katcha was bemused.
  • Let Saffi into the Mares' Field. She headed off. I turned to pick up Meg's bucket. Saffi had sneaked back through the gate and was striding purposefully away to meet and greet the ponies in the Dip Field. I had to run after her. She picked up speed.
  • Was leading Izzy to her patch. She was a bit behind me. Suddenly-THWACK- she head-butted me in the back. Why? She wouldn't tell me.
I'm hoping to remain in one piece long enough so I can break a few limbs when skiing.