Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Look at you with your poncy elbows!

That was what Tessa, dear friend and riding teacher, was shouting out to me on our lesson this morning!

"How long have you been riding?" (I think it's about eight years now.) "All those years of seeing THIS!" she said, flapping her elbows like a manic chicken on speed with an electric prod up its bottom, "I never thought I'd see the day,"

So it's official. I have poncy elbows. Quite a good start to the day. Shame about the rest of me.

I'm trying to think of other uses for this surprising attribute. I'm failing.

Today is going to be a good writing day. How can I tell? Because today was a good riding day and the two things seem to go hand in hand. Poncy elbows aside, Alfie went like a dream. Here he is:

 (He goes even more like a dream without ME on his back, weighing him down)

And my brain? My brain is cantering freely, with no need to kick it on or smack it sharply with a whip.

Yee hah! A cowboy day.