Saturday, 15 January 2011

Is it just me?

I think it must be. Pete said it was so that's confirmed then.

I know I am very attuned to the feelings of horses but sometimes I think, surely some things are just COMMON-SENSE?

This morning was very blustery. I took Poppy out for a hack. Along the road was a bright orange van with ladders on the roof. Bright orange vans are quite scary things. Didn't you know that?. They're so BRIGHT and ORANGE, and anyway, Poppy thinks to herself, 'last time I came along here, there wasn't that bright orange van parked just there.This is WORRYING.'

Ladders on the roof - an added hazard. Ladders aren't MEANT to be on a van roof. They're meant to be propped up against a wall somewhere.

But, Poppy is a trusting soul with confidence in me. 'It's okay, girl. Nothing to worry about,' I say, pat her on the neck and we head on past.

When we are EXACTLY level with the bright orange van with ladders on the roof, the builder chappie materialises from nowhere,  grabs one of the ladders and pulls it off the roof with an ear-splitting SCREEEEEWEEEK.

Poppy jumps three feet in the air and several feet sideways (okay, I know she's only got four feet) and I am  glad that I'm an experienced sitter-onner of spooky horses. The builder looks at us like we're incompetent buffoons who shouldn't be allowed out on the road.

Once Poppy's heart rate has settled down to something like normal and she's stopped dancing along the road sideways on tippy-toes, I am left to ponder 'SURELY it would be common-sense not to do that?'

Is it just me?