Tuesday, 25 January 2011

In a world without fences and walls, who needs Gates and Windows?

Hmmmm! Geek alert. I think I've caught some sort of virus. Me that is, not my computer. I've possibly become infected from spending too much time communicating with Son, Talia Tokugawa, (his virtual name) and Nephew, Jez, (a name which SOUNDS like a virtual name)

The thing is, yesterday I spent a happy few hours pasting HTML code on to my website. More worrying is that I ENJOYED DOING IT. More worrying still is that I UNDERSTOOD WHAT I WAS DOING - even down to being able to correct the code I had copied wrongly.

This is SCARY. You can see the results at www.quirkyworks.co.uk - or, to be more precise, you CAN'T see the results because it's HTML code :)

The exchange below is about where I was (ask Talia and Jez!)

Caroline: Why isn't my e-mail working?

Talia: The internet is full.

Caroline: Great! Now what do I do?

Following instructions, Caroline unplugs her computer and holds the cable over the waste paper bin.

Caroline: I wonder if I'm supposed to see anything while it's draining?

(This, courtesy of another Dilbert cartoon)

See what I mean?

But NOW, I'm a fledgling techie geek girl...

Ask me ANY techie question and I'll...

find the answer on Google. (Well, it's a start!)

Mouse in stand-off situation, by the way.