Friday, 14 January 2011

My wellies are half empty

That's because I'm an optimistic sort  of person generally - when Black Dog is behaving himself. So - my wellies are NOT half full, they're half empty. Of freezing cold, muddy water.

It's meant to be a British tendency to complain about the weather. I LOVE weather, but am lucky enough to be able to return to a warm, dry house after being out in it. However, it would be pleasant, just OCCASIONALLY, to be able to set out in the morning to the yard when it's not a) dark b) throwing it down with rain c) blowing a gale.

It would also be quite pleasant not to have to struggle through knee-deep mud when turning the horses out. A couple of the horses have Very Big Feet (Spot and Saffi, I'm talking about YOU!) and they inevitably contrive to splash mud and water over the top of my wellies.

But, as I said, I'm in a positive mood, so here are the advantages of the current climatic conditions (first I wrote climactic, but didn't think it looked right, though it might be approprate)

  • my curly hair gets even curlier and I LIKE that
  • my thighs are thoroughly exercised struggling through the mud
  • the yard is easier to sweep when its wet
  • errrm - I've run out of positive things rather too quickly...

Here are the advantages of insomnia:

I wrote three Twitter stories, in 140 characters or less, for a contest. It was fun!

Am I allowed to be miserable now?