Monday, 24 January 2011

Just For A Moment - film update - second blog of the day!

 I wrote a short screenplay, semi-autobiographical,  a while back, which was taken on by the talented Mike Ritchie.

I'm being very patient about its completion because, for both of us, it's a labour of love. I'd much rather it was finished with care, not rushed out just for the sake of it. Here is the latest from Mike, who has just set off on his travels until the autumn:

"I’ve also been unable to finish my current film project, Just For A Moment, which is tantalisingly close to being completed, but not quite there yet. This one I hope to get wrapped up in the last few months of this year and then I can give it a decent push into various film festivals.

It’s an intriguing and beautiful short story, written by Caroline Coxon (who still hasn’t seen any of the footage and I hope will forgive me for the futher delay), and is something of which I am very proud."

I'm sure it will be worth the wait. Something to look forward to later in the year.