Sunday, 6 January 2013

Twelfth Night or what you will

Back in the day, I played Feste the fool in Twelfth Night - it was an all girls' school and I was a late developer - flat-chested I mean - so likely to land the male roles, if any. Can I remember anything about it? Nope.

by John Link
As for being the fool - I'll say 'type-casting' before you feel the need!

Twelfth Night today (tonight?) and I've just finished taking down all the Christmas decorations.

 You should have seen me climbing down the wisteria to get the outside fairy lights. Like a little monkey I was. Or a sloth.

Usually I hate doing this job because it means the end of Christmas, the end of holidays, back to work, BUT, in the spirit of creating the year (more of that tomorrow) I took a deep breath and shifted the context.

It's the BEGINNING of a wonderful year in my life so why not...