Monday, 28 January 2013

Multi-tasking arises out of distraction itself.

Sometimes, yes, Marilyn vos Savant.

From Arts For Change
 I suppose it depends a bit on your definition of multi-tasking. Sometimes, for sure, mine is as a result of me lacking focus, being too easily distracted.

Sometimes it's a conscious decision which actually proves to be very effective.

When I'm writing, it can be a struggle and sometimes...

Alex and Rienne
I mean MY brain would explode if I tried to coax a single new word out of it.

Battling on can be counter-productive so if I set up alternative tasks - what I call 'brain breaks' - then I can switch quickly from one to another and thus, not waste time. Somebody or other (insert name here) would be proud of me.

This is how, in the last week, I've nearly completed a 15+ page screenplay - Creep Like A Rat - AND managed to redecorate half of the upstairs landing - which, as people who've visited my house will know, is no small task.