Tuesday, 8 January 2013

"A synopsis is a cold thing. You do it with the front of your mind."

"If you're going to stay with it, you never get quite the same magic as when you're going all out."

J.B. Priestley
 It's easy to agree with J.B. Priestley on the subject of writing a synopsis. Seriously, I find it more difficult than writing a novel in many ways. Seriously. Like a logline or a pitch for a film, it's SOOOO hard to encapsulate all the passion - and yes, all the magic - into a few words.

Annoyingly, it's most likely the synopsis that an agent or publisher will look at to make a decision about my work.

Today I'm going to say 'Pah!' to J.B. Priestley!

I'm going to rewrite the synopsis of Of Night And Light from my heart.

 Open to the possibility of magic...