Monday, 7 January 2013

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

said Eleanor Roosevelt.

That wasn't all she said (aside from things like "Please pass the salt!") but I'll save her other words of wisdom for another day.

Dreams? Hmmm...

Great to have dreams, to be a stand for those dreams becoming reality but it's a little airy-fairy, not enough on its own. Declaring it and being in action are needed too...

by Jenjen Bunny
 So, here is the future I created the other night with Pete and Tim, Paul and Jen, plus subsequent additions.

A cherishing and loving environment for my family (Such a blessed, wonderful year ahead for us, with Jamie and Breanna getting married in April, Laurie and Irene expecting a baby in July and Tim starting out on a new and positive phase of his life)

Shifting the balance of my work life from corporate to creative, from manic bursts of activity followed by slumps to consistent, joyful purpose. (Included in that will be to be taken on by a literary agent for my children's writing and have Of Night And Light published)

Better managing my health (I've taken on two main principles: 5 A Day - for fruit and vegetables, and 2 and 2 for alcohol - which is to say - no more than two glasses of wine a day and two days a week with no alcohol at all - and will start up with yoga again once the Brighton seminar has finished - the sessions clash)

Feels good. DOESN'T feel like New Year's Resolutions, trotted out with very little thought and lasting for only a few days...

Happy, happy 2013!