Friday, 4 January 2013

A swift blow to the head

We all need one sometimes, me more than most.

Yukito Shikoro
Mine wasn't from a mutant woman, however, but from a horse.

Horses are (occasionally) very good at reminding you they are actually wild animals and not cuddly-wuddly ickle pets.

After several years of carrying out the same job in the same way every morning - which is to say, leading Alfie behind me, having brought him in from the field, and then putting Star's bucket of feed over her stable door for it all went pear-shaped.

Perhaps Alfie looked too interested? Perhaps he just got too close? Perhaps I simply wasn't concentrating? I don't know. Whatever the case, I was putting the bucket over and Star suddenly landed a hefty side-swipe on my head and either bit, or caught her teeth on my left ear. (That ear! The one with the persistent ache in it. The one that is now bright pink and slightly swollen with a worse ache in it than before!)


Thank you, Star!