Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Life is a journey. Choose well those with whom you travel.

An adapted version of something that someone called Lorraine Heath once wrote.(Don't ask. There aren't enough hours in the day...)

By Walter David Pullen

Sometimes, you don't choose but it just happens. More of my synchronicity.

Let me check WAAAAAAAAY back in my blogs...

Yes, Monday, December 12th, 2011. (You need to look at this blog...) (and then click the back arrow on your tool bar to come back here!)

Daria Kudla (look at more of her fantastic work here people) and I have been virtual friends from that day. I bought, from her, a print of my favourite picture. It has pride of place on my stairwell wall.

Last night, we met (actually not virtually) for the first time, since she's moved from Berlin to London - though it didn't feel as though it was the first time.

Following my serendipitous talk with the animator the day before, I handed her the wolf story - working title...(changes by the minute)...Little Red Riding Hood and the Granny Confusion...and she likes it and asks 'How do you want me to illustrate it?'

I'm so honoured.

I've chosen well!