Tuesday, 13 November 2012

“Pointless. . . . Like giving caviar to an elephant.”

(Why couldn't the image-maker quote William Faulkner EXACTLY? We shall never know.)

So - I've been very focused on little acts of kindness in the last few weeks and now it's time to kick over the traces in case you're thinking it's all got too much and I'm vying for sainthood or something.


This totally random blogpost came about because I was sent a totally random cartoon which made me laugh.

So here's a random story concerning elephants (loosely) and Lies My Father Told Me When I Was Young (and from which I'll probably never recover.)

In his study, my father had a wastepaper basket which he told me was a false elephant's foot. I regarded it with reverence and imagined poor elephants who'd lost a limb at last being able to walk properly again.

It was only when I was very much older, like last week (no, I'm exaggerating again...) that I discovered it was in fact...

A First World War shell carrier...

I felt betrayed.

And not a little idiotic.