Monday, 26 November 2012

Fifty thousand shades of hooray!

I was whooping with delight, yesterday, when my total page views reached 50,000...

and then Peter said 'What, fifty thousand a day?'

Anyway - this page is on the theme of fifty thousand and I love it!

First, a helpful statement from Wikipedia:

50,000 (fifty thousand) is the natural number that comes after 49,999 and before 50,001.

Now we've established that - I discovered THIS which made me laugh A LOT.

There is a book called Fifty-Thousand Shades Of Grey by someone called S.C Ashen.

It costs £6.97 on Amazon and people are buying it...

Here is the description:

"Romance. Intrigue. Domination. Control. Subservience. Clarity. Epiphany. Release. EUPHORIA. This book contains absolutely none of those things - it is literally the words "Shades of grey" repeated 50,000 times, and is a practical joke."

If you don't believe me - here is a page:

 All hail to S.C. Ashen and his sheer quirky, irreverent BRILLIANCE!

Oh - here is a tweet from him, dated September 24th.

"Holy shit- Fifty-Thousand Shades Of Grey is actually available from Amazon. If you want a copy, buy now before I figure out how to remove it." 

Brilliant marketing? Who cares! It made my day.