Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

See, Mark Twain again.

Day 3 now and the map is getting heartier!

(That heart that appears to be in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is on Hawaii! Thank you so much Silvia and Marya)

I had a bit of a mega panic yesterday when the map disappeared completely - something to do with coding, which Tim had to fix. I was worried that all the hearts would be lost and we'd have to start all over again with a blank map...but now, phew!

The slightly annoying thing is to do with the World Wide Web and how it works, apparently. It means that little acts that take place in one place may show up in quite another on the Google map. So far...Shepton Mallet to Slough and, on more epic proportions - Jakarta to somewhere in the middle of China.

 Tim gave me a Lesson For Seriously Cyber-Challenged Dummies...which I THINK goes something like this. In order to maintain the security of the WWW so that if huge areas get taken out by some disaster - whether malicious or through technical failure - messages bounce about using fairly random routes in order to reach their destination.

SO when Mel posted in Shepton Mallet - the first static IP server (?) that the message hit on the way to Google Maps in San Francisco was in Slough - so that explains why that particular heart on the map is there, not where it should be.

Or something.