Saturday, 21 July 2012

Working too hard - the fallout: We see things based on autopilot.

"...Our mind identifies something in a certain way, no matter what the eye sees. The eye tells you one thing and the brain tells you another." Thus said Jerry Andrus, a magician. I suppose his life's work is built on making use of that particular human default position.

Please don't tease me, Jerry. My brain simply can't cope today.

Poor little Brain Coxon has been concentrating, being ultra-efficient, hard-working and switched on for several long days now. Today was its chance for a little break.

It started winding down a little while before I was ready.

Imagine a gate with no fences...a bit like this:

Caroline Coxon, working on auto-pilot, without assistance from functional brain, began to open the gate to take the horse through...

Oh dear! Time to lie down in a darkened room, I fear.