Wednesday, 25 July 2012

How to use a new smartphone when you aren't smart

When I say 'new' I do, of course, mean Tim's cast-off phone, which is AT LEAST a few weeks old so he really HAD to upgrade. (Rather in the same way that my first skis were the splintered planks of wood that Peter no longer wanted because he had purchased some Super-Fast-Bendy-Skis-Made-Out-Of-Something-Unusual.)

I am now the proud owner of a slightly scuffed Sony Ericsson Xperia (other slightly scuffed smartphones available) - looking something like this (plus scuffs)

Don't ask me which model. (It's the slightly scuffed one) Oh, it's an X10 MiniPro.

The only trouble is...I can't seem to make it do anything. Where is the dial and the receiver so I can make a telephone call?

Unfortunately, I haven't got a manual of any description, let alone an effing one. So I can't offer any useful advice, as promised in the title.

I'd look online using my smartphone if I knew how to.

In the meantime...