Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Alter ego?

 No, I didn't mean I have to alter my ego, I mean I have one, an alter ego.

In fact, I am quite horrified.

I was reminded of my alter ego when I was watching the TV last night and an advert came on to which the soundtrack was 'Perfect' by Fairground Attraction (No, I am not by any means implying I'm perfect.)

A friend at the yard, Cath, had a video of this band and told her young son, Huxley, that I was the lead singer - because she reckoned I looked so much like this woman, Eddi Reader.

I was in on the deception. For weeks, whenever Huxley was anywhere around I began humming 'Perfect' under my breath. Here's the song. THAT song.


Here's me.


It's got to be-e-e-e, perfect!
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