Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Warning: Hard work can be too much fun.

Another warning: My brain has possibly turned to jelly so read this post with a pinch of salt. Or something.

(That is to say, accept it but maintain a degree of scepticism about its truth.)

It may be the masochist in me but I loved yesterday. Impossible deadlines. Colleagues in meltdown. Me required to produce scintillating copy out of thin air.

I just have to mention that usually I buckle under this sort of pressure...

By Victor de Schwanberg
...but yesterday was SUCH GOOD FUN!

Question: Was it INHERENTLY so much good fun that I had no choice but to enjoy it a lot?


Was I actually on top of things (for a change) so that my brain managed to convert a potentially mind-blowing and stressful day into something enjoyable?

The jury's still out on that one.

My verdict?

The latter. 

Next question: What's the secret of being able to do that every day?

The answer? On a postcard, please, because I have absolutely no idea.

(Nice postcard. Shame I can't read the answer.)