Saturday, 7 July 2012

Writing a blog - how do I do it? And why...

I have published 579 blogs since I started way back in...somewhen, so far back I can't remember. Let me check. November 2009.

That's quite a lot of blogs. Pretty much every day. I think the only few I've missed are when I'm travelling on a long-haul flight and lose a day somewhere because of time changes.

Loads of people say to me 'How on earth do you DO that? How can you possibly think of something new every day?"

The answer (sort of) to the question - why?

First, and most importantly, I enjoy doing it. It's so much part of my daily routine that I actually feel quite bereft if I don't get the opportunity to write one at my usual time - when I get back from the horses in the morning.

Second, I use the blog as an easy way to get my writing brain into gear, ready to start work.

Third, I think it's a way of showing people a bit about myself and my writing - and with 34,276 views from 130 different countries and more people every day, it seems to have worked - though to what purpose I'm not exactly sure. (I mean, I haven't yet got an agent for my children's writing or had a feature length script snapped up by Hollywood!)

The next bit...

Quite honestly, ideas just come to me, generated by the mood I'm in, what I need to do that day, the weather, the horses and their antics, special occasions, a piece of music I've heard on the radio...

Then I usually look for a quote that fits the idea and away I go. Simple as that.

Is it worth it? Well, I think so and that's really the most important thing, isn't it?

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