Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Writing feedback - no news is no news

It's the human condition...

One way or another, if there's no news, we just have to make stuff up, don't we? I do, anyway, and I tell you what, it's nearly always bad. Here, I'm talking about communications I have with clients - or rather, communications I DON'T have with clients, or agents, or script readers, after I've sent off work and am waiting for feedback.

Example: I sent a huge project off to some clients last Thursday. I was quite confident about it when I pressed that 'send' button. They said they'd be looking at it on Friday morning...

To me that equalled, 'We'll get back to you on Friday afternoon,' even though they didn't SAY that.

I heard nothing. In the course of the weekend, my febrile imagination made up all sorts of reasons why they hadn't got back to me, mostly around the notion that it was such a load of crap that they didn't know what to say and had spent their weekend trying to fix it.

No news is Bad News.

Monday, half way through the morning...

...so I mailed the agency asking if there was any word.

'Oh, yeah. They loved it. They sent it to the main man and he seems okay with it.'

Silly girl! (me)

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