Sunday, 8 July 2012

About priorities - "Things which matter most...

must never be at the mercy of things which matter least," said Goethe.

(only I bet he didn't. I bet he said 'Dinge, die am wichtigsten darf nie zum Spielball von Dingen, die zumindest Matter sein,' or similar)

Look! It's 7 o'clock in the evening and I'm only just writing my blog. I considered my priorities today, on an extraordinarily long To Do List. Here they are:

1. Clear Poppy's fields of the dreaded Ragwort.

Quite pretty but it causes a slow and painful death for horses if they eat it. I've said on another blog that I hate Ground Elder. That's just annoying. Ragwort is a killer. 

2. Get ready for my friends to came round for a garden party.
3. Party! ...without for a second thinking about all the other things I 'should' have been doing. (Success!)

4. Watch Andy Murray losing to Federer. Sigh...

NOW I can write my blog, safe in the knowledge that today, for a change, my priorities were well sorted - protecting my horses, entertaining and enjoying the company of some very dear friends and family, watching the tennis with them (much more fun than watching it on my own) 

And NOW I can get on with my work (deadline tomorrow) - which, in the grand scheme of things, matters least (especially on a Sunday) only perhaps don't mention this to my clients. 

The job will be done and done well, just not FIRST!