Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Discuss: The kind of music I like depends very much on my mood.

Anni Fryd Lyngstad - of ABBA fame said this. (well, I put in the 'Discuss') Is listening to Abba a guilty pleasure? Okay, I'm going to say it - 'I LIKE Abba.' There. Got it off my chest.

Particularly their costumes...mmmm!

Back to Discuss. I disagree. Here is my contradictory statement:

"The kind of mood I'm in depends very much on the music I have just listened to."

As an example, THIS music always makes me feel efficient and then I AM efficient.

The track is called Palladio by Karl Jenkins and yes, it was used on a advert for De Beers' diamonds but I'd already bought it, so there.

Then, on the way home from the yard this morning, I was soothed into serenity by THIS: (For once, YouTube let me down and the best recording I found is a guitar solo not piano, but you'll get the idea.)

Farewell to Stromness by Peter Maxwell Davies

And NOW, I must get back to Palladio and efficiency. Soothing serenity doesn't engender corporate copy...
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