Friday, 29 June 2012

The moaning of life!

That Seth Godin again. I'm sure he has some sort of extra-sensory perception connection to my brain...

His last blog post, yet again, was a knife plunged right to the heart of my self-doubt about putting myself and my work out there.

"What's on your list?

"I have kids at home, I don't have a manager, I need to pay off student debt, my boss never lets me, I'm really busy because of soccer RSI hurts when I type, I don't have a degree, I have a degree and can't waste it, I'm not good at that, I tried it before but it didn't work, I've never tried it before...I've been too long at this job, they won't listen to me, I'm going to retire soon, I'm too young, I'll never learn, it's too risky..."

We all have a list. Most of the things on it may in fact be legitimate reasons for no.

I guess the self-marketing question is, "how often do you remind yourself of what's on the list?"

If the first thing you do when considering an opportunity is consult the list, the list is the most important thing in your life, isn't it?"

 Aaaaaargh! What's on MY list today?

I have visitors coming for the weekend, must go shopping, the car needs an MOT and tax disc, I haven't heard from that children's literary agent so there's no point in sending anything off, I have too much corporate stuff to do to get on with the screenplay, I got crushed by a horse so I'm not sleeping too well ...and ...and ...and ...

THEN, I heard John Bishop on Desert Island Discs. What a lovely, genuinely humble man! He was sales director at a pharmaceutical company before he took a leap of faith to follow his dream to be a stand-up comedian.

This is what he said. "There would have been a little bit of a light inside of me that would've been growing dimmer and dimmer and I didn't want to get to 50 and say 'you know what I could have been,' so I thought I'd rather give it a go and fail than be a successful moaner.'

Yeah, Caroline...

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