Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Welcome to my nightmare!

Hello, Alice Cooper fans everywhere. May I apologise in advance? This is NOT a blog about Alice Cooper and his eighth studio album .

Anyway, Alice Cooper DOES look quite nightmarish, even if he's a sweetie at heart, so it's not such an inappropriate image.

Back to my nightmare. The one to which I'm welcoming you.

I woke up with an awful feeling of terror and panic. I couldn't quite think straight. Wednesday? Dustbin day but I put the bin out last night. Did I leave the gas on? No, we only have electricity. Deadlines? None that I can't handle.

Then I remembered my nightmare.

Giant flying spiders? Pah! Mine was much worse.

Tessa and I let the horses into a field. They galloped off. At the end of the field was a cliff - a sheer drop onto the rocks and sea, hundreds of feet below. Alfie and Spot couldn't stop and plunged over the edge.

by Debbie Grayson Lincoln
 When I got there, I couldn't see Spot but there was Alfie's mangled body splayed out on the rocks, one leg sticking up in the air at an odd angle.

I can't tell you how devastated I felt.

Still, the relief that it was just a dream has made my day feel blessed and wonderful.Alfie got such a hug when I saw him safe and well chomping on grass, oblivious to his part in such a drama.

Alfred Hitchcock said 'Give them pleasure - the same pleasure they have when they wake up from a nightmare.'

I managed that for myself, without any help from anyone!


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