Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Nothing divides one so much as thought.

Oh yes, R.H. Blyth, you have me there, haiku writer, dear departed devotee of Japanese culture.

History of Haiku Volume 1

I leave my heart
to the sasanqua flower
on the day of this journey

Blyth's death poem, left behind when he finally succumbed to a brain tumour in 1964 

 Yesterday, I couldn't concentrate at all. I had so much work to do and a brain like a butterfly on speed.

Rather in the spirit of writing a blog about my poor time-management when I was battling against the clock with work deadlines, I spent time being distracted by looking for a program that might stop me being distracted!

In a typical human paradox I had been feeling I hadn't got the time to look at ways of saving time.

HOWEVER...success! Success in the form of Zen Writer - a free download from a company called Beenokle. (There's a donate button and I will be contributing, it's that good.)

Zen Writer fills your screen - I mean your ENTIRE screen - with a soothing picture... icons, no intrusive menus, no toolbars, no little thingies popping up to alert you to a new message or e-mail. Just your writing when you produce it. It comes with the option of calming New Age music on a loop.

It DID make a difference. I wrote a long article on zonal nursing (don't ask!) almost in one go and I didn't end up with a crashing headache either.

I know I'm fickle. I know I seize on new ideas then after a while they fizzle out of existence.

If I let this happen with Zen Writer - I'm more of an idiot than I thought.

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