Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hey, ho the wind and the rain

Guess what the weather's doing today? Here's a little clue: I'm not wearing a bikini and a sun hat.

Feste's song from Twelfth Night, sung by the incomparable Alfred Deller. That's what the title says. (Alfred Deller is certainly incomparable but I've always been in two minds about counter-tenors. They sound somehow unnatural.)

Beautiful song anyway.

I just came across a website called 'English at home' which has a page entitled 'Talking about the weather in English'

It begins 'British people often start a conversation with strangers and friends by talking about the weather' and continues 'Although British people like to complain about bad weather, they generally put a brave face on it.'

Surely not! I just think that is total and utter racial stereotyping.

I forget to say, this downpour will do wonders for my rhubarb!