Sunday, 24 June 2012

Panic ain't better than pretending not to feel so.

Toba Beta, Indonesian author, said this. [I love the title of his (pending?) book of quotes - Master of Stupidity.]

Today, I'm NOT pretending not to feel so.

 Yes, panic. When I give myself time to think about it, there's slight panic rising inside about finishing my feature length screenplay by the end of August...That seems quite a long time away, you might think, but to me it's looming scarily and time appears to be moving faster forward than it should do.

Sometimes not writing is procrastination on my part, I know it is. At the moment, honestly, it's lack of time. I say that and then I think - lack of time? I could spend less time with the horses, I could spend less time writing this blog, I could spend less time reviewing other people's writing, I could spend less time sleeping...or eating...or remembering to breathe...

But June's been busy, July looks like it'll be even busier and as for August...

When I've finished a long day copy-writing - and there have been many such days lately, which is excellent for the bank balance - my mind is like a wrung-out dishcloth. Then I saw this image, posted by a great writing friend, Chris Messineo, creator of the very excellent website.

Yup, that's absolutely right.

Bother and damn!