Thursday, 28 June 2012

Thou seest how sloth wastes the sluggish body, as water is corrupted unless it moves.

Sluggish: my word of the day, because that's how I feel, and so, evidently, did Ovid.

Sluggish: not as in pertaining to being a slimy mollusc, but as in slow-moving or inactive, lacking energy and alertness. Blame it on our tropical climate. Golly gosh - the forecast today is for a high of 26 degrees with 66% humidity. (Don't laugh, people who live in the Amazon basin)

The weatherman said today would be muggy

(not as in pertaining to a mug - the English language is so complicated)

Imagine my delight when I realised I'd booked a riding lesson with Poppy. Imagine Poppy's delight. She and I were crawling round the school, probably slower than slugs, bathed not in slime but in sweat.

Poppy suddenly went very well when Tessa brought out a brand new vivid purple lunge whip. It was never used at all - but Poppy noticed it out of the corner of her eye and that was enough. She's not stupid, my Poppy.

Sluggishness be gone!

Now all I need is for Tessa to come home with me and stand behind me at my desk with the lunge whip so I can notice it too.