Saturday, 2 June 2012

Spread a little happiness

One of the songs I love, from the film Brimstone and Treacle, sung by Sting (and I won't reveal what I think about him, to spare everyone's blushes.)

Over the past few weeks, I've been looking at my life and its purpose. Oh, how very deep and philosophical. I might one day lose myself up my own backside if I'm not very careful. And anyway...

Until now, what has driven me is, my purpose in life is...getting it right, seeking approval, wanting everyone to like I do things for other people a lot (and then get miserable if my efforts aren't appreciated!) That's because it's all coming from The Wrong Place. The selfish place that is me, me, me.

SO - now what? Should I stop doing nice things for other people? Nope. I can carry on doing exactly what I've always done but instead it will be coming from The Right Place - a new purpose in life to Spread A Little Happiness - only I'd rather it was A LOT.

Does that make sense?