Friday, 5 October 2012

The inspirations behind my writing

People often ask. Well, when I say often, that's an exaggeration. Possibly one person asked, once.

Anyway, I was thinking about it this morning because I was listening to the radio in the car (dear Olive Oyl, faithful friend) and THIS piece of music came on:

It was what inspired me to write Falling Awake - and it happened in a dream. My dream was very similar to the beginning of 2001 - Space Odyssey, where the space ship waltzes through the atmosphere to the sound of The Blue Danube.

In my dream, a young girl was thrown from her horse and was tumbling through the air, in slow-motion, to the sound of...a tune I recognised but I didn't know what it was called.

Then, in the morning, I was listening to the radio and the very same piece of music was played.

I took it as a sign.

My next writing project is to look at my very raw, first attempt to write a screenplay - Falling Awake - and possibly turn it into a novel.

Though it would be a shame not to have the soundtrack!