Monday, 29 October 2012

Day 4 - Rhodes

Oooh, thought things were going too well. Last night, VERY late, some very noisy (British) guests were rampaging outside our room and Peter went to quieten them and was met with a torrent of foul abuse. Tonight HE went to apologise to THEM for being grumpy and they were less than gracious and didn't apologise to him but...well done, Peter. You got your power back. Today, the boat trip to Syma which was two hours each way, to my seasick horror. Lovely place, both the port and the monastery, beautiful...but I am just not a guided tour sort of gal. The guide was great and we followed her, carrying her bright red Mickey Mouse umbrella (with ears) Her commentary was interesting too but it meant we had no time to wander and SEE stuff. Glad to be back on dry land and hoping for a quiet night. Oh, at the monastery there was a wonderful Greek Orthodox tradition, where people laid brooms below the icon of Michael the Archangel, symbolising brushing away all their troubles. Note to self, must buy broom. XXX