Thursday, 25 October 2012

Day 2 - Rhodes

I've decided to post in the evening rather than the morning. More leisurely. I'm really missing my techie boy Tim because this blog will only work at all on HTML for some reason and I can't post images and when I publish it there's no formatting...but, the good sign IS that I don't care very much, whereas usually, I am completely obsessive about spacing and spelling and the LOOK of it all as well as the content! I think all that washed away in the Mediterranean Sea (or is it the Aegean? Shows how laid back I am about this!) Today has been spent being VERY busy sleeping on the beach, reading a very good good I can't remember the title but it's by Sebastian Faulkes and isn't Birdsong...and falling in love with all the stray cats and kittens and having to promise not to adopt one (apparently, an English guest did that last week and has so far paid £400 in vet's bills and she, the kitten, will be flown home at Christmas!) And going to the supermarket to by Retsina but we have no corkscrew. I'll probably use my teeth! And now it's dinnertime and Peter is champing at the bit, so...more tomorrow. XXX