Thursday, 26 January 2012

A riddle wrapped in an enigma inside a mystery.

No, not a Kinder egg. It made me laugh out loud when I searched for an appropriate image to go with the quote and this came up!

See, now I've got side-tracked, remembering the story about Kinder eggs being banned from importation into the United States because they contain a "non-nutritive object embedded in them." (Believe me, it's not only the toy that's non-nutritive.)

ANYWAY...Winston Churchill was referring to Russia, not Kinder eggs, as far as I know.

(Bother - side-tracked AGAIN!)

See that it's not a COMPLETE non sequitur?

I was referring to myself.

The riddle wrapped in an enigma inside the mystery that is ME.

Explain this. When things are going badly for me, I'm a total optimist, motivated, proactive, full of energy, determined.

When things are going well - as they have been this week, what with the contest and approval for an animation script for a major new client AND another project from Virgin yesterday as well as more work from the Commonwealth War Graves I'm practically dizzy with it all...

Yes, when things are going well, almost at once I become a fully paid up member of...

Go on. Explain it.